Sarah Stephenson

Business Manager


01926 353 971


"I love working for company that is transparent, open to new ideas and promotes growth from within."

Sarah is our Business Manager, and Team Manager of our Business Support Team.

Sarah’s career with Hamptons started in 2019 in our small office in Warwick, with less than 15 staff members in total.

Since joining the team, Sarah has implemented an online timesheet processing system, streamlined our compliance processes and moved a lot of our manual functions to a streamlined online platform that gives us the room to grow organically. She has also grown from a little team of one to managing a team of 8, and is very proud of her team!

Sarah has enjoyed watching the company and her own development grow professionally, and is always open to discussing new ways to enhance the business even further.

Interesting facts:

Sarah is originally from Yorkshire, but she doesn't have the accent.
Sarah once owned a pair of hermit crabs called Hermie and Kermie, and a duck called Pineapple.

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